VRSF D Frame

vrsf_sThe intelligent selection when requiring a higher performance planetary gearbox at an ultimate value for your standard duty applications. The VRSF utilizes a lightweight aluminum frame, helical cut gears, and a bearing span that provides the best level of precision and torque carrying capacity in its competitive class. The VRSF can be selected with one of three backlash levels – Standard backlash at 15 arc/min, reduced backlash at 5 arc/min, and Precision backlash at 3 arc/min.



VRSF D Frame — 1-Stage and 2-Stage Specifications

NOTE: For Metric and NEMA Output Flange options, please refer to the Metric and NEMA Output Option tab.



VRSF D Frame – 1-Stage and 2-Stage Dimensions


Adapter Dimensions

VRSF D Frame – 1-Stage and 2-Stage Adapter Dimensions

NOTE: For an explanation on the Adapter Flange Code, please review the Adapter Flange Codes tab section.


Adapter Flange Codes

Adapter Flange Codes

These tables provide an explanation for the adapter codes. The tables start with Input Bore measurement and the Part # Code, which are indicated at the end of every model code. For each Part # Code, the Pilot, PCD, Tapped Hole, and Pilot Depth, are explained.

VRSF D-Frame

Metric & NEMA Output Option

VRSF Optional Metric and NEMA Output Flange