EVS Series

EVS-SeriesThe EVS series is the right angle equivalent to the VRS. Compact and precise, the EVS is the ideal solution for demanding positioning accuracy and speed requirements. Equipped with two rows of robust tapered roller bearings, the EVS runs smoothly and quietly even with the most challenging dynamic and static forces.

The EVS comes with ≤4 arc-min backlash, to handle dynamic machine tool and robotic applications with ease. With maximum acceleration torques up to 2960Nm, this product is an excellent partner to higher capacity servomotor models. Our customers specify this product when the industry standard is simply not good enough.

Available Frame Sizes: 060 | 075 | 100 | 140 | 180 | 210 | 240

Product Features

  1. Right angle bevel gear configuration allows motor to be mounted at a 90 degree position from the gearbox, saving space
  2. Carburized helical gears with proprietary secondary finishing process for higher accuracy and smooth, quiet operation
  3. One piece output shaft and planet carrier with dual tapered roller bearings. Higher stiffness, torque capacity and safety factor, with guaranteed alignment of gearing
  4. Uncaged needle roller bearings provide excellent torque density and torsional rigidity
  5. Optimized mounting system with active centering on motor pilot diameter guarantees alignment of motor. Motor can be installed in any orientation
  6. True concentric motor shaft clamping connection, optimized for your specific motor. Reduced inertia for dynamic performance and balanced for high speed operation
  7. Ring gear machined directly into the housing, not welded or pressed in. Provides greater concentricity and elimination of speed fluctuation

Model Number Codes
*1) Motor mounting code varies depending on the motor. Use the selection tool link below to configure the code.


Performance Analysis