EJM Series

ejm-series-introAn excellent choice for customers looking for a highly flexible, yet value-priced servo rated gearbox without sacrificing performance or durability. The EJM series comes in six different frame sizes to meet a wide range of application requirements and can support servo motors with up to 7.5kW capacity. Solid, hollow and double extended output shaft options allow for flexible machine design. The all-aluminum housing construction offers weight savings of up to 30% with improved thermal horsepower over cast iron.

The EJM series comes vent free and lubricated for life with synthetic oil, making it a reliable, maintenance-free solution. This product is ideally suited for applications within the packaging, material handling and general automation markets.


Available Frame Sizes: 002 | 003 | 005 | 006 | 009 | 011

Product Features


  1. Globoidal gear set – between 3-8 teeth in contact at once, allowing 300% shock load capacity
  2. Integrated zero backlash coupling provides fast, error free alignment
  3. Ball bearings help reduce friction and heat, as compared to tapered roller designs
  4. Double oil seal and o-ring provide IP65 protection
  5. Thermally efficient, lightweight aluminum housing


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EJM Series