EVL Series

evl-seriesThe right-angle equivalent to the VRL series, the EVL provides the customer with an excellent solution when space and clearance are a serious limitation. For a right-angle solution, the EVL Series is an intelligent choice providing impressive precision and durability at an exceptional value. Using a 1:1 spiral bevel gear for the right-angle connection, a 6 arc-min backlash rating can be achieved by the EVL series at 2 stage reduction ratios.

The EVL planetary gearbox is a perfect solution for OEM equipment such as packaging, assembly automation, and any advanced conveyor systems implementing sortation or multi-speed/positioning. The EVL series gearheads are offered in a variety of frame sizes and ratios, and they can handle maximum loads approaching 600 nM.

Available Frame Sizes: 070 | 090 | 120 | 155 | 205 | 235

Product Features

  1. Space-saving features, motor can be located at a 90 degree position from the reducer providing a more compact footprint
  2. High rigidity and torque, capacity are achieved by using uncaged needle roller bearings
  3. Adapter-bushing connection, enable a simple, effective attachment to most servo motors
  4. No leakage through the seal, high viscosity, anti-separation grease does not liquefy and does not migrate away from the gears
  5. Maintenance-free, no need to replace the grease for the life of the unit. The reducer can be positioned in any orientation

Model Number Codes
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