3000 Overhead

erd_overheadThe Circulute 3000 is available in a configuration (ERD Series) that can be a direct replacement for many of the worm gear and other gearbox packages commonly used for overhead conveyor applications. Nidec Drive Technology Corporation refers to ERD Series as the “Chicken Drive” because it was commonly used in applications within the poultry processing industry where the benefits of the design are extremely useful. The Chicken Drive design incorporates a double reduction Circulute in ring mount configuration and with an additional mounting plate and extended shaft, which provide the form, fit, and function to substitute with common overhead gearbox applications. The Chicken Drive offers many advantages over traditional worm gear designs, some of these benefits are the following;

• Higher efficiency gearing design – approaches 90%

• 500% shock load capacity

• Quill style NEMA C-Style input with back-off holes minimizes length of overall assembly

• Grease lubrication instead of oil

• Higher overhung load ratings due to straddle mount bearings.

The ERD Series or Chicken Drive is available in three different double reduction models (BD Frame 145:1, CE Frame 165:1, CE Frame 375:1) which equal or exceed the torque capacity of some competitor units and match the mounting and shaft dimensions to enable drop-in compatibility. Different C-Face sizes can be provided, and other reduction ratios are available if required. FDA approved grease and/or epoxy paint is also available for food grade environments.

Product Features

  1. erd_csMotor Back-Off Holes allow simple motor removal
  2. Quill Style NEMA C-Face easily accommodates standard motors while minimizing overall length
  3. Matches common mounting and output shaft dimensions
  4. 500% shock load capacity
  5. Grease Lubrication won’t ever leak oil with minimal maintenance. Optional USDA approved grease available
  6. Straddle Mounted Output Shaft Bearings maximize overhung load capacity
  7. High Efficiency Cycloidal Gearing – Approaches 90% efficiency
  8. Many standard ratio combinations available

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Specifications and Dimensions

Specications and Dimensions for ERD Overhead Conveyor Style