PRF Series

PRF-SeriesPRF is part of the latest generation economy product family from Nidec Drive Technology Corporation. The PRF redefines the economy planetary gearbox segment by featuring helical cut gearing and a robust internal structure. Our customers benefit from a cost-effective, flexible, reliable design that can be adapted into a wide range of servo and stepper motor axes.

The PRF features a B5 style square output flange for convenient mounting to machinery or linear actuators and can be easily adapted to any motor. Frame sizes from 062-160, along with ≤ 8-10 arc-minute backlash, allow the PRF to cover a broad range of application requirements where cost is a key consideration. As with all Nidec DTC planetary products, PRF is designed for maximum heat reduction and running efficiency through the use of special lubricants and seals.

Available Frame Sizes: 062 | 082 | 120 | 160

Product Features

  1. PRF-Cross-sectionCarburized helical gears for higher accuracy and smooth, quiet operation
  2. Uncaged needle roller bearings provide excellent torque density and torsional rigidity
  3. Unique labyrinth input design greatly reduces heat and increases system efficiency
  4. Optimized mounting system with active centering on motor pilot diameter guarantees alignment of motor. Motor can be installed in any orientation
  5. True concentric motor shaft clamping connection, optimized for your specific motor. Reduced inertia for dynamic performance and balanced for high speed operation
  6. Ring gear machined directly into the housing, not welded or pressed in. Provides greater concentricity and elimination of speed fluctuation

Model Number Codes
PRF Model Code Chart

*1) Motor mounting code varies depending on the motor. Contact us to configure the code.

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PRF Series