STH Series

sth-seriesThe STH is an excellent fit for mid-range index table applications that require high accuracy, flexible mounting and a large hollow shaft. This product sets the standard for rotary positioning performance of large inertia loads at an exceptional value. The STH comes with backlash as low as 2 arc-min and indexing accuracy down to +- 60 arc-sec. With a large cross roller bearing, the STH can achieve a max tilting moment load capacity of 200Nm and a maximum radial load of 5000N—a perfect match for mid-size steel or aluminum tables as well as end of arm tooling.

The STH utilizes NIDEC-SHIMPO’s modular design concept by integrating a VRL070 or EVL070 planetary gearbox at the input section. This allows the STH to achieve reduction ratios from 12:1 to 400:1. Motor mounting is easy with our vast selection of mounting plates. The 85mm hollow shaft provides clearance for wiring, tubing or ball screws to be passed through to effectors, fillers or any other active machinery. Contact us if you need assistance upgrading from legacy mechanical camming devices or pneumatics.


Available Frame Sizes: STHVL7 | STHEL7

Product Features

  1. VRL070 or EVL070 input section for ratios up to 400:1
  2. 85 mm hollow bore diameter
  3. Heavy duty cross-roller bearing
  4. 4:1 output gear
  5. Optimized motor mounting system with active centering on motor pilot guarantees alignment of motor

Model Number Codes
* Motor mounting code varies depending on the motor. Contact us to configure the code.


Performance Analysis