EJS Series

ejm-series-introThe EJS Series offers features which cannot be found in today’s market. Standard adapters are available for easy mounting to both, servo and AC induction motors. Dual bearings on the input shaft ensure proper alignment of the motor and gearbox. This design allows the gearbox to be mounted in any orientation.

Smooth, rounded surfaces help eliminate free-standing water and prevent bacteria growth. IP69K protection combined with 316 stainless steel allows this product to stand up to the harshest production environments. The EJS is the only servo grade right angle gearbox in the market that has been certified 3A, NSF and EHEDG. This product is well suited for applications in meat & poultry, fruits & vegetables, seafood processing, dairy and pharmaceuticals.


Available Frame Sizes: 039 | 044 | 050 | 060 | 076

Product Features


  1. Globoidal gear set – between 3-8 teeth in contact at once, allowing 300% shock load capacity
  2. Motor adapters designed to fit face mounted stainless steel servo or induction motors
  3. Double input and output seals; Nitrile or Viton options
  4. Smooth, round stainless steel housing with electro-polished surface
  5. Tapered roller bearings


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