3000 Standard

er_standardThe Circulute 3000 (ER) series is the ideal choice when requiring a robust gearbox in a compact package. The cycloidal design provides a large amount of contact surface area between the wheel and the pins that allows it to handle unstable loads well and minimize wear. This is our standard cycloidal series providing a variety of frame sizes (A – F) that can handle a maximum input of 60 HP, and also the possibility to implement multiple reductions when required.

There are a number of mounting options available, such as the following;

Input Mounting Configurations:

NEMA C-face with quill style input, Input shaft mount, Structural mounts such as a “Top Mount” and “Shovel Base Mount”, etc.

Output Mounting Configurations:

Base Mount, Flange Mount, Ring Mount, and Horizontal or vertical shaft.

Nidec Drive Technology Corporation can also provide customized features for specific manufacturing environments. These features usually involve a minor changes to the seals, lubricant, the paint or coating applied, materials of construction, etc. Some examples of these special environmental conditions would be;

  • IP65 or Heavy Washdown
  • Extreme High or Low Temperature Conditions
  • Food Grade Critical Exposure
  • Among others

The Circulute 3000 can be kit build at our Itasca, IL facility or assembled by some regional certified build centers for fast delivery. From our assembly locations in North America, we can quickly provide most of the common frame sizes and ratios utilized throughout industry today. Contact Nidec Drive Technology Corporation for immediate support and information about pricing and availability.

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