Other Industrial Gearing

industrial-gearingWith our expertise in gearing technology and high volume production practices, Nidec Drive Technology Corporation can be relied upon to manufacture and supply gear sets or assemblies for OEM equipment. These types of high-volume supply agreements would involve one of our core gear technology design platforms – planetary, cylcloidal, among others – in order for both parties to capitalize on our production scale.

isoAll of our gear manufacturing is done under the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 utilizing the most modern manufacturing equipment and the most thorough inspection processes. Nidec DTC is truly an expert at high-volume gear manufacturing, so expect a consistency and a high level of quality at a price point that is unparalleled within our industry. Regardless if it is higher volume equipment or motor/actuator assemblies, consider Nidec DTC technology to leverage the features and benefits of our planetary or cycloidal gearing into your product.

Nidec DTC also has manufacturing capabilities or strategic partnerships that allow us to supply various other types of gearing (worm, helical, parallel shaft designs, etc.) that are not part of our core product offering. In various parts of the globe, we also have the ability to provide these forms gearings solutions that benefit our distribution partners and their established customer bases.


Regardless of your location or gearing requirement, please contact Nidec DTC today to determine if there is a way that we can support and partner with you.