Gearmotor Assemblies

gear-motor-assembliesWith Nidec Drive Technology Corporation’s partnership with various servo motor manufacturers around the globe and our connection with the NIDEC Group, we are often involved in different OEM projects involving custom gearmotor assemblies. If you are working on a custom OEM application for your equipment and you have already selected a servo drive, Nidec DTC will be able to design a planetary, cycloidal, or other type of gearing technology that will be compatible with your motor supplier.

Nidec DTC is manufacturing more than 35,000 gearboxes per month at our main manufacturing facility, so we usually leverage existing internal gear design platforms to capitalize on our economies of scale. There are a variety of ways to customize the design of the gearbox, including the following;

  • Integral motor mount, removing unnecessary input side components
  • Custom housing configurations and dimensions
  • Special output connections; custom bolt flange, crank arm or lever, wheel hub, special pinion or splined shaft, etc.
  • Different output bearing and seal design; tapered, cross-roller, among others.
  • Specific materials of construction and lubrication requirements for specific environment or Mil Spec

Through our relationship as a NIDEC Group company, we have access to a variety different low voltage brushless DC motor manufacturers to partner with on each application. The BLDC motors from our sister companies are well suited for most applications, offering low rotor inertia, fast dynamic response, and high torque in a small package with low cogging torque. The standard flying leads, and the encoder or resolver options, allow for easy installation regardless of the brand of amplifier utilized. Other lead configurations and feedback devices can be accommodated to meet your specifications.

Nidec DTC has found that our custom gearmotor assemblies are ideal in applications that require improved gearbox performance, over traditional parallel shaft or lower grade planetary gearmotors. Generally the application has a requirement of continuous duty operation, cantilevered or off-set loading, shock load possibilities, higher precision requirements, or some combination thereof that warrants the Nidec DTC gearbox design. Some examples of potential applications would be the following;

  • Robotics; point of articulation, mobility, material handling
  • Special printing or packaging applications
  • Medical equipment; imaging, surgical, positioning, drive systems, etc.
  • Custom AGVs or other mobile equipment
  • Unique actuator packages
  • Mail handling and sortation systems

There are many other examples and possibilities that we could consider. Nidec DTC can work with you to explore if there is a fitting solution for what you are trying to accomplish. Please contact us to have a more detailed design review when investigating a potential custom gearmotor assembly for your equipment.