Washdown and Food Grade Duty

washdown_seriesMotion control applications in the Food and Beverage, Personal Care, and Pharmaceutical production environments often require materials of construction and sealants that provide higher level s of protection. To improve our high precision product offering to customers in these industries, NIDEC-SHIMPO is now offering a washdown and food grade duty al a carte options for our inline and right-angle planetary reducers. These options provide ultimate flexibility without sacrificing on precision and performance.

Different washdown and food grade feature packs include a stainless steel output shaft, SUS screws and bolts, sealed bearings, and an epoxy adhesive as the sealant. A food grade feature pack includes a white Food-Grade Epoxy coating on the housing. Other custom coatings (i.e. Nickel plating, Steel-It™, etc.) can be made available upon request.
A special Food-Grade grease is an option that can be specified by the customer where required, but we suggest that you contact NIDEC-SHIMPO to help with proper sizing and selection.

These VRL and VRB inline frame sizes and ratios can be quickly assembled with any combination of the a la carte washdown or food grade duty options from our North America Kit Build Facility.

Available Models and Frame Sizes:

VRL Frame Sizes 070, 090, 120
VRB Frame Sizes 060, 090, 115
Ratios 1-Stage 3:1, 5:1, 7:1, 10:1
2-Stage 15:1, 25:1, 28:1, 30:1, 35:1, 50:1, 70:1, 100:1

Small quantity orders will be tested, assembled, and shipped within 2–4 days. For all other VRL, VRB, VRS inline series and EVL, EVB, EVS right-angle series frame size and ratio combinations, please contact SHIMPO for price and availability from our main manufacturing facility.

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, NIDEC-SHIMPO continues to raise the bar in terms of product quality, variety, flexibility, and availability – providing a real value to our customers. Our new washdown and food grade duty a la carte features serve as another good example where SHIMPO is delivering improved value to our customers.

Product Features

  1. fg_csOutput Shaft Stainless Steel for both Washdown (WD) and Food Grade (FG)
  2. Food Grade Grease (Optional)
  3. White Epoxy for Food Grade
  4. ASUS Cap Screws and Fasteners for both Washdown (WD) and Food Grade (FG)
  5. Special/IP65 Compatible Epoxy Sealant for both Washdown (WD) and Food Grade (FG)

Model Number Codes