VRS Series

vrs-seriesThis planetary series has exceptional load handling capabilities, and it is an ideal selection for higher speed and continuous duty applications. The tapered roller bearings at the output of the reducer allow the VRS gearbox to handle larger radial and thrust loads. This internal design provides an extremely smooth running and quiet gearbox even with challenging static forces.

The VRS series is the premier inline series with a maximum 3arc-min backlash rating and an output torque peaking at 3,700 Nm. The VRS series is commonly utilized in applications such as higher speed packaging and converting equipment, printing machinery and any servo application requiring very low backlash in a more demanding environment.

Available Frame Sizes: 060 | 075 | 100 | 140 | 180 | 210 | 240

Product Features

  1. High precision; standard backlash is 3arc-min, ideal for higher levels of positional accuracy
  2. High rigidity and torque; rigidity and torque capacity are achieved by using uncaged needle roller bearings
  3. High load capacity; taper roller bearings were added to the output section to increase radial and axial load ratings
  4. Adapter-bushing connection; enables a simple, effective attachment to most servo motors
  5. No leakage through the seal; high viscosity, anti-separation grease does not liquefy and does not migrate away from the gears
  6. Maintenance-free; no need to replace the grease for the life of the unit. The reducer can be positioned in any orientation

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