DynaGear Eco Series

dynagear-eco-seriesDynaGear Eco is a cost-optimized right-angle hypoid solution that performs well in dynamic servo applications requiring low torsional backlash and high efficiency in a compact footprint. DynaGear Eco uses optimized hypoid gears for high torque transfer and backlash down to < 6 arc-min. Tapered roller bearings on the input and output sides of the gearbox absorb high radial and axial loads, ensuring long service life.

DynaGear Eco comes in three frame sizes which use a weight efficient one-piece aluminum housing for high stability under load. Output mounting options include solid and hollow shaft, utilizing industry standard dimensions. Its compact design provides significant space for small installation envelopes. Lubricated for life, DynaGear Eco is a reliable maintenance-free solution.

Literature Download: DynaGear Eco Series

CAD Model Download: DynaGear Eco Series

Product Features

  1. Hypoid gearing with optimized contact pattern for uniform load distribution
  2. Tapered roller bearings at input and output for high radial and axial load capacity
  3. Weight efficient one-piece aluminum housing ensuring high stability under load
  4. Solid or hollow output shaft with optional shrink disc
  5. Simple, low inertia connection to various servo motors using adapter flange and stiff zero backlash coupling
  6. Output seal allows for IP64 protection

Model Number Codes
* Motor mounting code varies depending on the motor. Contact us to configure the code.


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