EJH Series

ejh-series-introWith its cast iron housing design, the EJH is a rugged, reliable performer for any dynamic servo application. This product is an ideal fit for machine builders transitioning from mechanical or hydraulic systems to all-electric servo drives. Unlike traditional worm gearboxes out on the market, the EJH utilizes a globoidal gear mesh, resulting in 300% shock load capacity and a quiet, smooth running drive.

With torque capability up to 7800 in. lb. and backlash as low as 6 arc-min, the EJH is well suited for metals, plastics or rubber processing machinery applications requiring a robust, compact solution. NIDEC-SHIMPO can customize this product to fit your needs by offering a variety of solid shaft, hollow shaft or shrink disc output mounting options.


Available Frame Sizes: 015 | 020 | 025 | 030 | 035

Product Features


  1. Globoidal gear set – between 3-8 teeth in contact at once, allowing 300% shock load capacity
  2. Adapter–bushing connection allows simple mounting to virtually any servomotor manufacturer
  3. Wide range of output mounting styles available—hollow shaft, solid shaft, flange mount, shrink disc
  4. Double oil seal and o-ring provide IP65 protection
  5. Tapered roller bearings provide high radial and thrust load capability
  6. Cast iron housing for improved durability in heavy industrial applications


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EJH Series