STR Series

str-seriesWith factory automation equipment using servo systems, overall machine performance can be greatly affected if critical elements are not considered during the design phase. Factors, such as backlash can cause premature wear, vibration, inefficiency, poor rigidity and control instability. Long settling times can affect productivity and positioning accuracy. The STR series is our ultra high precision solution that addresses these concerns and offers proven mechanical reliability.

This versatile solution features programmable output motions with low-wear rolling contact. Larger inertia load transmission is achieved with internal cam ratio reduction while maintaining powerful torque with less motor horsepower. The STR’s unique no-backlash preloaded mechanism improves the overall dynamics to force output motions to a new level of rigidity and accurate servo controller performance. The compact design reduces footprint while offering high speed rotation with large bending moment capacity.

Available Frame Sizes: 040V | 063V | 063E | 080V | 080E | 100V | 100E | 125V | 125E | 160V | 160E | 250V | 250E

Product Features

  1. Oversized hollow output shaft
  2. Turret with integral cross-roller bearing
  3. Globoidal cam
  4. Tapered roller bearings
  5. Needle roller cam followers

Model Number Codes
* Motor mounting code varies depending on the motor.


Performance Analysis


STR Series