Return Authorization

Explanation of RMA Process

Nidec Drive Technology Corporation Customer Service Department

Any repairs or inspections on a Nidec DTC product will occur at our North American headquarters in Glendale Heights, IL. To initiate a repair or inspection process, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Issue a purchase order for $75.00 to Nidec DTC, which will be the evaluation charge. This charge covers the manual disassembly and inspection of the unit. Also include the part number, serial number and/or manufacturing number on the unit within your purchase order.
  2. Nidec DTC will then send an active RMA number for the unit. The Nidec DTC RMA numbers needs to be on the outside of the box or crate when the unit is shipped to our warehouse. If you can also indicate the RMA number on any associated paperwork or labeling, it would greatly appreciated.
  3. After the initial evaluation is completed, a quote will be generated by Nidec DTC which will include the cost of parts and labor for the potential repair.

A few items to note about the RMA process;

  • If you accept and approve repair quotation, the initial $75 evaluation fee will be waived and credited back towards your repair. The evaluation fee will also be waived if the situation was determined to be a warranty issue or if you decide to purchase a new replacement unit.
  • If you choose to dispose of the unit at Nidec DTC’s facility or to have the unit return “as is”, your purchase order for $75.00 will be invoiced to cover the cost of the evaluation.

Nidec DTC does have return policy agreement with certain OEM customers, if your return falls within one of these agreements the evaluatin cost will be waived.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have. We appreciate your business and we look forward to continuing to work with you.