EJL Series

EJL-Series"The EJL series is the perfect option for dynamic servo applications requiring high accuracy in a cost-effective package. The EJL series is available in 3 backlash levels, as low as 1 arc-min, to satisfy a variety of applications. Output options include single and dual shaft, hollow bore with keyway, hollow bore with shrink disc and robotic ISO flange. EJL is available in ratios as high as 90:1 in a single stage and maximum acceleration torque as high as 6250Nm.

Hardened and ground worms and bronze alloy wheels deliver high torque, smooth operation, and superior shock load absorption. Oversized taper roller bearings accommodate high radial forces. A unique 3 bearing arrangement maintains proper worm bearing preload over all allowable temperature ranges.


Available Frame Sizes: 025 | 035 | 045 | 055 | 063 | 075 | 090 | 110 | 125 | 160 | 200

Product Features


  1. Tapered bearing input with constant preload over all allowable temperature ranges. High stiffness and long life
  2. Maintenance-free, lubricated for life with high performance synthetic oil
  3. Oversized tapered roller bearing at the output provides unmatched radial load and tilting moment capacity
  4. Single piece housing made of cast and heat treated aluminum magnesium alloy offering superior rigidity and low weight (Sizes 125-200 utilize a cast iron housing)
  5. Optimized gear contact pattern. 90% of teeth in contact resulting in excellent wear resistance and low backlash maintained throughout the life of the gearhead
  6. Simple servomotor mounting. Adapter plates designed to mount to any motor and a high stiffness bellows coupling to eliminate shaft misalignment
  7. Wide range of output options include single shaft, dual shaft, keyed hollow, shrink disc and robotic ISO flange


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EJL Series