Inline Planetary Gearboxes

inline-planetary-gearboxesVR Series variants

NIDEC-SHIMPO expanded from its early roots in mechanical powertrains into higher precision gearing as the motion control market and servo motor technology started to rapidly evolve. Our initial planetary gearbox series were developed to specifically serve the needs of our major robotics customers in Japan and other areas of southeast Asia. During this product expansion, NIDEC-SHIMPO was able to leverage our production engineering expertise and high volume manufacturing capabilities to become the dominant precision planetary gearbox supplier within the robotics segment and throughout the Asia-Pacific.

NIDEC-SHIMPO followed this early development with the introduction of a high-precision planetary series variety that was more suited to compete throughout the global marketplace. The base design platform for each of these series incorporated a modularity of subassemblies and standardization of components that facilitated high volume, efficient production.

With our inline planetary portfolio, our customers have access to a wide variety of frames sizes, ratios, and many configurations are unmatched across the industry. For performance, quality and overall value, look no further than NIDEC-SHIMPO.

VR Series, Summary Level Table

Product Series Frame Size Backlash Rating Reduction Ratios
Inline Helical planetary
Economy class
VRSF-TG Smallest: B (60mm)
Largest: E (170mm)
Variety: 4
Different levels
≤ 3 arc-min
≤ 5 arc-min
≤ 15 arc-min
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 81
Variety: 9
Inline Helical planetary
General purpose
VRL-TG Smallest: 050
Largest: 235
Variety: 7
≤ 5 arc-min Minimum 3
Maximum 100
Variety 22
Inline Helical planetary
General purpose, simple mount
VRB-TG Smallest: 042
Largest: 220
Variety: 7
≤ 3 arc-min Minimum: 3
Maximum: 100
Variety: 22
Inline Helical planetary
Highest radial, axial load capacity
VRS-TG Smallest: 042
Largest: 240
Variety: 8
≤ 3 arc-min Minimum: 3
Maximum: 100
Variety: 22
VRS High Speed
Inline Helical planetary
Highest radial, axial load capacity
VRS-TG Smallest: 075
Largest: 140
Variety: 3
≤ 3 arc-min Minimum: 3
Maximum: 10
Variety: 5
Inline Helical planetary
Compact, ISO Flange Mounting
VRT-TG Smallest: 064
Largest: 285
Variety: 7
≤ 3 arc-min Minimum: 4
Maximum: 100
Variety: 19
Food/Washdown Duty
Optional features for food or washdown environments
wd_tc VRL: 070, 090, 120
VRB: 060, 090, 115
Others available upon request
≤ 3 arc-min Minimum: 3
Maximum: 100
Variety: 12