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pdf WPG Brochure (1.60 MB)

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Inline Planetary Gearboxes
pdf PRE Series (2.16 MB)
pdf PRF Series (2.15 MB) pdf VRL Series (4.93 MB)
pdf VRB Series (4.85 MB)
pdf VRS Series (5.07 MB) pdf VRS High Speed Series
pdf VRT Series (5.20 MB)
pdf VRSF Series (2.43 MB)
Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes
pdf NEV Series (3.35 MB)
pdf EVL Series (4.51 MB) pdf EVB Series (4.61 MB)
pdf EVS Series (5.14 MB)
pdf EVT Series (7.37 MB)
Right-angle Worm Gearboxes
pdf EJM Series (2.55 MB)
pdf EJL Series (2.64 MB) pdf EJH Series (2.49 MB)
pdf EJP Series (2.48 MB)
pdf EJS Series (6.41 MB)
Rotary Index Tables
pdf STH Series (2.51 MB)
pdf STR Series (3.58 MB)
Cycloidal Gearboxes
pdf ERH Series (4.39 MB)
Support Information
pdf Technical Info (7.62 MB)
pdf Commercial Info (2.90 MB)