Mechanical Adjustable Speed Drive

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The Nidec Drive Technology Corporation RXC has a strong advantage over the common electronic variable speed drives in certain performance aspects. The RXC is a mechanical adjustable speed drive utilizing a ring and cone friction power train. The internal drive assembly consists of an input disc, a set of planetary cones, a control ring, the cam disc and a pressure control cam. The RXC has different sizes to handle motor power ranging between 1/4HP – 20HP, and nominal output torque ratings spanning 15 – 130,000 in-lbs. This unique drive provides a speed range of 0 – 800 RPM, and a cam mechanism that adjusts to the environment downstream and can withstand a heavy amount of shock load.

With a variable frequency drive, the output torque remains constant from base speed down to the lower limit, whatever it may be for the application. However, with the RXC mechanical variable speed drive, the output torque increases as the speed drops. At the low speed range, the output torque approaches 500% of the motor rating providing large breakaway torque values. The mechani¬cal drive is also capable of handling a 200% overload capacity throughout the entire speed range. This performance advantage allows the user to set a low speed that can help the drive package push through difficult areas.

Ring-cone Torque Curve

Although VFDs have become the default solution for industry and rightfully so, the mechanical variable speed drives has its niche in specific applications – such as extreme pumping, mixing, recycling, etc. – where its mechanical advantage and low maintenance requirements are an excellent fit. It is ideally suited for rugged, trouble free service in the worst environments including explosion proof, chemical processing, and washdown applications.

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