Rotary Index Tables

rotary-index-tablesST Series Variants

The STH is an excellent fit for mid-range index table applications that require high accuracy, flexible mounting and a large hollow shaft. This product sets the standard for rotary positioning performance of large inertia loads at an exceptional value. The STH comes with backlash as low as 2 arc-min and indexing accuracy down to +- 60 arc-sec. With a large cross roller bearing, the STH can achieve a max tilting moment load capacity of 200Nm and a maximum radial load of 5000N—a perfect match for mid-size steel or aluminum tables as well as end of arm tooling.

The STR series is our ultra-high precision solution that features programmable output motions with low-wear rolling contact. Larger inertia load transmission is achieved with internal cam ratio reduction while maintaining powerful torque with less motor horsepower. The STR’s unique no-backlash preloaded mechanism improves the overall dynamics to force output motions to a new level of rigidity and accurate servo controller performance. The compact design reduces footprint while offering high speed rotation with large bending moment capacity.


ST Series, Summary Level Table

Series Max Torque Range Backlash Rating Reduction Ratios
Hollow Output Rotary Indexer, Mid range accuracy and load handling
sth_tc 126Nm-170Nm < 2 arc-min – < 4 arc-min Range: 12:1-400:1
Variety: 14
Hollow Output Rotary Indexer, High accuracy and load handling
str_tc 58Nm-6072Nm 0 arc-min Range: 15:1-2000:1
Variety: 24