Customer Service

csDistinction in Service and Support

Nidec Drive Technology Corporation has invested heavily in the past few years in building a global customer service and application support network that will meet the evolving needs of our customers. By leveraging our global infrastructure, our OEM customers maintain their competitiveness and profitability at home while able to expand into emerging markets abroad without any drop-off of service and support.

Nidec DTC pledges that we will continue to expand our service and support network footprint globally, and continuously strive for perfection as a dependable partner to our customers. In this section you will learn about our service and support capabilities that we will leverage in order to provide you peace of mind.

Online and Phone Support

Resolve your technical issues quickly and accurately, without disrupting your business. With the Nidec DTC OEM Partner Service Program, your company and your customers have immediate access to our global network of support centers and resources. Whether you need help designing, installing, and maintaining equipment or diagnosing an operating issue, Nidec DTC will deliver the tools and information that you need in order to insure that your equipment is running to perfection.

Contact your local sales office for immediate support either over the phone or in the field. A list of locations can be found on the back cover of this catalog. All OEM accounts in North America have a dedicated Technical Support Engineer, knowledgeable about your business, on-standby ready to support you and your customers. If you do not know who to contact, please call our 1-800 number in order to get properly directed to the right person for help.

For online support, our website provides download drawings, instruction manuals, or technical performance specifications that you may require. All catalogs and brochures will also be easily downloadable on the website. If you prefer to inquire about an issue or for more information, please do not hesitate to submit your request online or start a dialogue with our Info address.

Training Services

Investing our time in you, so together we build better, more competitive product for your customer. As the industrial world becomes increasingly competitive, new technologies are introduced every year requiring manufacturers to constantly rationalize and update existing designs. As a result, successful manufacturers realize the absolute need for product training.

Nidec DTC has a network of engineers that are factory trained and authorized to provide your workforce solid training on our products and basic power transmission concepts. The main objective of our standard program and materials is to better empower your workforce to size and select gear reducers and motors for any motion control applications. We provide this service at no cost to our customers, because we see the value in building a more knowledgeable customer and helping them more quickly react to equipment design revisions when needed.

Some other gear reducer manufacturers are not as forthcoming with sharing information with their customers, an attempt to hide their higher manufacturing costs or to use unreleased performance data as a “product differentiator”. Nidec DTC views their customers as a long-term partnership, and we train and share information with our customers freely based on that vision.

Training classes can be conducted online, at any of our sales branches or offices, or at key distributor branches when requested. Nidec DTC can also bring the training session to your facility in order to make better use of your time and costs. A thorough hands-on training seminar can be provided at our Glendale Heights, IL build facility, where customers can get the opportunity to completely assemble and test one of our Able units.

The Nidec DTC training program options provide support for any budget. Our training programs improve your employees’ skill and knowledge competencies in the areas of power transmission and motion control while addressing any location, time, travel and productivity constraints. Contact your local sales office today in order to get a power transmission refresher on your calendar.