VRS High Speed 140 Frame

VRS-gearboxWe’ve taken our industry-changing VRS series and have optimized components, processes and specifications to create a product variant that is ideally suited for demanding continuous duty applications with high nominal speeds and longer service life requirements. The VRS High Speed can reach nominal input speeds of 4,500 rpm, making it a perfect match for continuous duty servo motors. Our design minimizes heat build-up, no-load running torque and maximizes efficiency.



VRS 140 1-Stage Specifications



VRS 140 – 1-Stage Dimensions


Adapter Dimensions

VRS 140 – 1-Stage Adapter Dimensions

NOTE: For an explanation on the Adapter Flange Code, please review the Adapter Flange Codes tab section.


Adapter Flange Codes

Adapter Flange Codes

These tables provide an explanation for the adapter codes. The tables start with Input Bore measurement and the Part # Code, which are indicated at the end of every model code. For each Part # Code, the Pilot, PCD, Tapped Hole, and Pilot Depth, are explained.