PowerGear High Speed

PowerGear is a versatile, highly configurable and robust spiral bevel gearbox that fits a wide range of power transmission and motion control applications. Its modular design has numerous shaft configurations and driving orientations that can be adapted to any requirement—torque amplification, speed increase or reduction, inertia matching or turning a right angle to save space. All six sides of the gearbox can be used for mounting.

PowerGear frame sizes range from 27mm to 450mm, making it the only product that can go into small medical devices as well as large earth-moving machinery. PowerGear features the highest torque
density in the industry ranging from 2.2Nm to 10,500Nm while staying 98% efficient. Mounting adapters are available for servo, stepper or AC induction motors. High speed, high torque, reduced backlash and cooling options are available for the most demanding duty cycles or environments.



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