Packaging and Filling Machinery

pack_fill_machineryWith a large variety of inline and right angle high precision gearboxes that provide ultimate flexibility and availability, Nidec Drive Technology Corporation offers Packaging Machine Builders real solutions to improve throughput, reduce design costs, minimize machine footprint, and decrease down time. For manufacturers of Packaging Machinery, our broad portfolio is always a competitive solution for exported equipment retrofits and rebuilds, applications where migrating from induction motor or hydraulics to servo motor technology, among many other cost and delivery sensitive situations.

Nidec DTC has developed a strong expertise within packaging applications, some examples are the following;

Form, Fill, and Seal

Regardless if the machinery is filling pillow packs, trays and blister forms, sachets, or bags, Nidec DTC provides the high precision, servo grade gearing that allows the OEM to maximize throughput in a cost conscious way. Our ABLE planetary family (VR and EV Series) is ideal when your equipment requires a compact gearbox that helps with the perfect synchronization for the application of hot melt adhesive or the movement of the horizontal cutting jaws. Our planetary or worm gear reducers are also often used on the film unwind or infeed mechanism where speed, tensioning, or control are absolutely necessary requirements.

Bottle Filling

Filling machines have become an increasingly demanding application, where increased speeds and volumes push the limits of design platforms. The coordination and repeatability of nozzle heights, bottle placement, and material feed require servo motors on different axes and only high precision gearboxes. Nidec DTC planetary right-angle reducers and rotary indexing are an ideal fit for these types of applications where precise timing, positioning, and consistency at high speeds are critical.

Cartoners or Case Packers

Folding, Erecting, Closing, Side Seaming a carton or case packing are a routine movement, often taken for granted until something goes wrong. These applications require servo motors and precision gearing that must have a consistent, repeatable motion over the long haul. The precision and durability of the gearbox cannot degrade after it operating in a continuous duty atmosphere. Often Nidec DTC is called upon to replace planetary gearbox or other types lower grade gearing that do not maintain consistent performance when in a continuous duty environment. Our VRS, VRT and EVS series are utilize a more robust tapered roller bearing design that will withstand larger radial loads when directly attached to belts or pulleys.


In all labeling applications, minor differences in speed and accuracy differentiate a machine builder from their lower tier competition. When pushing the speed limitations of your machinery, labels will stretch, distort or often rip if the bottles or packages are not fed at a constant rate. For high speed labeling applications that demand accurate and reduced inertia for high dynamic response, Nidec DTC servo grade planetary reducers (VR, EV, NEV) provide optimum performance in a compact footprint. Our rotary solutions such as the STH and STR also provide exceptional repeatability and precision for different dial table or indexing applications with labeling machinery.

As mentioned earlier, we have developed much expertise from years of history working with our Packaging and Filling Machinery OEM customers. Other examples of applications are the following;

  • Case Handling
  • Checkweighing and Inspection Equipment
  • Cleaning and Drying Machinery
  • Coding and Marking Processes
  • Infeed Conveyors and Sortation Systems
  • Filling and Dosing Machinery
  • Palletizing and Depalletizing
  • Prepackaged Meal Denesters and Sealers
  • Flow and Shrink Wrappers

Many of these types of machinery have some level of exposure or interaction food production processes. Nidec DTC can provide the OEM a variety of food grade or washdown features to choose from a la carte, which still allow the OEM to cost competitive incorporating these reducers into their equipment even at high volume or exporting into competitive environments. Packaging Machine Builders are expected to expand their reach globally, predominantly in Asia-Pacific, where Nidec DTC has built an extensive distribution and support infrastructure after decades of experience. Let Nidec DTC become your partner in order to become more competitive in the global marketplace.