Medical and Health Care Related Systems

medical_systemsNidec Drive Technology Corporation has become a key partner to many manufacturers of medical and health care related equipment. Our servo grade planetary gearboxes are ideal for commercial equipment applications involving pumping, mobile equipment, and smooth positioning. Our production capacity, distribution, and support network meshes well with those OEMs that tend to have an agile, global supply chain and production program – for example, their design and administrative activities located in North America, a supply base that extends across the world, and their mass production handled by a contract manufacturer on a different continent. With our scale and our saturated coverage in North America and Asia-Pacific, Nidec DTC is fully capable to handle more intricate global supply partnerships.

We have seen an influx of applications, where medical equipment manufacturers are incorporating a more sophisticated drive system into their design to make them more mobile and easier to maneuver. The Nidec DTC VR planetary gearbox is extremely popular for these drive systems and we can do minor customizations to make a more efficient, smooth running wheel drive assembly.

For imaging systems, the positioning and accuracy of the equipment is extremely critical. Our customers often select our higher precision inline planetary series (<3 arc-min) for these types of applications. If the piece of equipment requires positioning that is offset or on articulating arm, we would use one of our planetary series that incorporates tapered roller bearings at the output side of the gearbox (VRS, VRT) which handle the additional radial forces.

Nidec DTC also manufactures different variations of our traction drive assembly for imaging equipment that print onto film or other substrates. The traction drive provides a very smooth rotation and eliminates speed irregularity due to the high frequency inherent in gear transmission.

Nidec DTC has become a valued supplier partner to many medical equipment manufacturers around the globe. Regardless if your motion control application requires a standard design or a custom gear solution, Nidec DTC can leverage our expertise and manufacturing scale to help you bring the most competitive product to market.

Please contact us today so that we can work with you on your next prototype design.