3000 Servo Mount Dimensions

erk_servo_mountThe Circulute also can be a potential solution for servo motor applications, when the performance benefits and durability are necessary. Nidec Drive Technology Corporation can provide the appropriate input motor flange to match your specific servo model. The internal dual pin-housing of the cycloidal gearbox can be pre-loaded, in order to reduce the output shaft backlash to less than 6 arc-minuts. At a 3,000 RPM input speed , the Circlute can handle a maximum motor capacity of 12kW and provide single reduction ratios ranging between 11:1 to 71:1.

Nidec DTC has vast applications knowledge and much expertise with motion control projects from our high-precision product range and our motor partnerships. Please consult with us about any of your specific servo applications, and we can help you determine if the servo Circulute is an appropriate option for your equipment.
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Single Base Mount

ER Common Dimensions – Single Stage Base Mount


Single Flange Mount

ER Common Dimensions – Single Stage Flange Mount