RXC Dimensions

rxcNidec Drive Technology Corporation’s
RXC Ring-cone

The Nidec Drive Technology Corporation Ring-cone has a strong advantage over the common electronic variable speed drives in certain performance aspects. The RXC Adjustable Speed Drive is a mechanical variable speed drive utilizing a ring and cone power train – hence the name. The internal drive assembly consists of an input disc, a set of planetary cones, a control ring, the cam disc and a pressure control cam. The Ring-cone has different sizes to handle motor power ranging between 1/4HP – 20HP, and nominal output torque ratings spanning 15 – 130,000 in-lbs. This unique drive provides a speed range of 0 – 800 RPM and a cam mechanism that adjusts to the environment downstream and can withstand a certain amount of shock load.


Dimensions by Mount and Input Style

Base Mount, Shaft Mount Input | Base Mount, C-Face Input | Flange Mount, C-Face Input

No Additional Reduction, Common Dimensions

Shaft Input, Dimensions


Note: Consult NIDEC-SHIMPO for more detailed or additional dimensions not covered within this material.