RXC Ring-cone Features

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Product Features

  1. Control ring
  2. Cam disk
  3. Pressure control cam
  4. Output shaft
  5. Input disk
  6. Input shaft
  7. Planetary Cone



Features and Benefits

Design Features Operational Benefits
Infinite Speed Range Easily accelerates high speed loadsSmoothly starts delicate equipmentProvides high starting torque without shock
Oil-filled Mechanical Design Rugged, reliable operationCase seals out the environmentInherently explosion proof with appropriate motor
Low Speed Torque – up to 285% Ideal for mixers, extruders or other machines with excessive low speed torque requirementsEasily starts screw conveyors, positive displacement pumps, or any heavy load
NEMA C-face In and Out Available Simplify mounting of unit, attachment of motorMix and match to nearly any motor type
Electronic Speed Control Available
Provides speed regulation better than 1%Allows easy integration into a complete control systemEasy switchover to manual control when necessaryLow-power control generates no electrical noise

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