A Non-gear Reduction Technology

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Why is the technology referred to as the “gearless gearbox?

gearless_tech_chartThe traction drive is a non-gear reduction

technology that minimizes vibration and noise. The negligible transmission error makes it the smoothest and most quiet method to mechanical adjust speed and torque. The following a brief explanation.

  • The traction drive assembly consists of two smooth rollers held in fixed position with mechanical properties that include high hardness
  • (Fn) Power is transmitted from the driven roller to the passive roller through viscous film
  • When under pressure, this oil film will have a higher friction coefficient
  • The speed differential between the rollers creates a tangential force (traction force, Ft) that shears the oil film
  • The reduction ratio is determined by diameter of inner ring that contains the roller assembly and the number of planetary rollers, among other minor factors
  • When the normal force (Fn) is deficient slippage can occur; we can control through close loop feedback

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