Product by Industry

Industrial Areas of Expertise

Machine Tool and Metal Forming

A selection of robust and durable speed reducers, both planetary and cycloidal, for heavier duty or high shock load applications. Many choices for the different levels of precision, torque ratings, and mounting options required on the different axes of movement.

Custom Assembly and Test Automation

A wide variety of frame sizes and ratios are available for immediate delivery to solve any inertia matching application within turn-key projects. The hollow-bore rotary products and planetary reducers with high torsional rigidity characteristics are ideal for many indexing applications.

Packaging and Filling Machinery

An assortment of inline and right angle speed reducers at different price points, depending on the specifications needed. For the OEM, this provides ideal, cost-effective, gear reduction solutions for exported packaging equipment or applications where you are transitioning from induction motor or hydraulics to servo motor technology.

Printing and Converting Equipment

Our reducers are designed to minimize the heat generated, and they are therefore capable of operating at higher speeds and within continuous duty environments. An assortment of size and ratio combinations are available that allow proper selection to maximize operating efficiency for varying cycle speeds.

Medical and Health Care Related Systems

We off er extremely accurate positioning characteristics and high quality gear reducers that maintain a level of performance consistency required in medical applications. Our inline speed reducers are ideal for commercial equipment applications involving pumping, mobile equipment, and smooth positioning.

Semiconductor and Circuit Manufacturing

A broad offering of high precision, clean room friendly planetary and hollow-bore rotary reducers that are preferable over belt drives and other reduction methods that can introduce contamination. Custom coatings and materials are available for OEM applications when necessary for corrosive chamber environments and different clean room classifications.