Circulute 3000; The Mystery Explained

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The power train sets Circulute 3000 apart from other speed reducers.

Its main power transmission components include: an eccentric roller bearing drives a wheel around a set of internal pins, keeping rotational inertia low.

The result: exceptional efficiency, long service life, and reduced wear.

 Operating Principles

  1. When the input shaft makes one rotation, the eccentric roller bearing also rotates once in the same direction.
  2. The Circulute 3000 wheel is driven by the eccentric roller bearing. It revolves around the internal pins with its teeth engaging with consecutive pins.
  3. When the eccentric roller bearing has completed one full rotation, a Circulute 3000 tooth initially in mesh with a pin will be positioned as many teeth behind its initial position as the difference between the number of internal pins and the number of Circulute 3000 teeth. As a result, the Circulute 3000 wheel rotates slowly in the opposite direction of the input shaft.
  4. The rotational motion of the Circulute 3000 wheel is transmitted to the output shaft through the carrier pins.


The reduction ratio of the Circulute 3000 Speed Reducer can be calculated using the following formula:


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