RXC Remote Option

rxc_remoteElectric Remote Control Options

The SHIMPO RXC Traction Drive is normally supplied with a simple Hand-wheel to control the output speed. Electric Remote Control (ERC) options are also available.

For this option, a small electric gearmotor is mounted to the speed control hardware to adjust the speed. In a simple open-loop configuration, this motor would run in a forward or reverse direction based upon a pair of pushbuttons, or PLC outputs (120VAC). This type of arrangement would normally be used if the object was to simply control the speed from a remote location. To order, request the ERC pilot motor option.

If the application requires that the set speed be maintained within 0.8% of Maximum, a closed-loop configuration is required (pictured below). For this configuration, an electronic controller accepts a set speed command (voltage or current) and monitors a pulse feedback signal from a magnetic sensor, using this information to control the movement of the electric gearmotor.

From the electronic controller, open collector electronic outputs are available which indicate an Alarm condition or an At-Speed condition. An analog voltage signal is also available, relative to actual output speed. To order, request the ERC pilot motor option and add a closedloop controller.

Additional signal follower options are available upon request.

The following page describes the closed-loop controller hardware and features.


rxc_speed_controlElectric Remote Control Options

LAB-3A-2-RXC-7 Closed-Loop Control
(door mounted)

LUB-3A-2-RXC-7 Closed-Loop Control
(chassis mounted)

SHIMPO’s LAB and LUB closed-loop controllers provide the intelligence needed to maintain a set speed within very close tolerances (0.8% of Max speed). Both styles use the same electronics, but the LAB is door mounted and includes a speed potentiometer and analog speed meter. The LUB is “chassis” or panel mounted, and includes terminals for a potentiometer and meter (not included).

Input Power 110 VAC 10%, 60/50 Hz, 100V-A
Speed Control Signal 1 k-ohm potentiometer, 0 – 10 V DC, 10 k-ohm input impedance optional 4 – 20 mA DG, 250 ohm input impedance
Speed Control Accuracy 0.8% of maximum speed (5 rpm dead band at the adjustable speed portion)
Controlled Speed Range 80:1 typical (10 rpm min. speed at the adjustable speed section)
Speed Output Signals 60 pulse per revolution of the adjustable speed section (TTL voltage or open collector: 28 V DC, 20 mA max.)0 – 10 V DC, 5 mA max., proportional to output speed
Other Output Signals (optional) ALARM – open collector, 28 V DC, 20 mA max.SPEED ARRIVAL – open collector, 28 V DC, 20 mA max.
Speed Shift TimeSize 02 through 75Size 91 through 96Size 97 and 98 4.1 sec at 60 Hz (5 sec at 50 Hz)8.2 sec at 60 Hz (10 sec at 50 Hz)12 sec at 60 Hz (15 sec at 50 Hz)
Front Panel Devices (LAB style) SPEED SET potentiometer analog speed meter